Hoping you can settle a difference in opinion. When completing an audit, we identified that we were not meeting our performance target in a particular process.

My co-worker’s stance is that it warrants an NCR, as it is a self-imposed requirement. My stance is that it is a target, not a requirement, and that not meeting it does not warrant an NCR.

Can you provide some guidance?

– Anonymous


One is never wrong to initiate an NCR when a process has not achieved its intended outcome. At the same time, it also depends on the process which is being measured. If the target concerns a personnel performance target, then an NCR is not appropriate. If we are dealing with a target for process effectiveness or efficiency, I would seriously consider raising the NCR, if only to reinforce the need for process improvement to senior management.

If this is addressed as part of management review, as a specific agenda topic, then no NCR is required.

Hope this helps!

– Ted Uffen, BRC Quality Consultant



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