Quality policy (ISO 9000-2000) should include what company wants to do in order “exceed customer expectations” may you explain what does it mean and give real companies examples of this statement?

– Dr. Sander Stepanov, Vivosonic



The ISO 9000:2005 document (current version) is one of several documents that comprise the ISO 9000 series.  It acts as a dictionary that defines vocabulary used in ISO 9001, and covers the basic concepts and language utilized within the standard.  ISO 9001:2008 is the standard that sets out the detailed requirements of a quality management system, and it is the only standard in the family that an organization can be registered to.

Within ISO 9001:2008, Clause 5.3 lays out specific requirements for the contents of a Quality Policy.  Common practice is for management to create a Quality Policy first, and from that high-level  policy’s framework the objectives, goals, policies and procedures can be laid into place.  Note that a registrar will want to see each of the requirements from Clause 5.3 clearly reflected in the Quality Policy.

Here is a sample of what a Quality Policy might look like:

“At Manny’s Manufacturing, we are committed to:

  • Understanding our customers’ needs;
  • Delivering the highest quality solutions promptly and professionally;
  • Recognizing that each person is accountable for achieving the goal of producing superior quality products and services; and
  • Ensuring that work is performed in a safe manner.

Through ongoing monitoring and improvement of our operational processes, we will earn and sustain the reputation of having the most satisfied customers in the industry.”

Relatively short and direct…including all of the required elements…and stately clearly the overall quality policy without getting into distracting level of detail.  Note also the commitment to safety, which in the case of Manny’s Manufacturing helps to emphasize and include the importance of safety within the organization.

Thanks very much for your question, and I hope you find the answer useful and helpful…

– Ted Annis, President – The BRC



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