Auditing Services

Auditing Services

Regardless of the industry and situation, our goal is consistent – to be professional, effective and efficient…always with a focus on delivering value to your organization.


Auditing is an essential part of establishing and maintaining the health of an organization, an operation, or a management system. For over 15 years, the BRC has helped companies across North America in a wide variety of industries and standards keep their management systems running smoothly and efficiently. Our highly qualified and professional staff have worked with hundreds of organizations, offering a variety of auditing services to confirm compliance, address adherence to standards, and identify opportunities for improvement.  

Internal Audits

Performed to confirm systems are operating as intended/required, identify areas for improvement and assess the effectiveness of the management and control of processes.

Pre-assessment Audits

Specialized audit by a third party to confirm your management system is conforming to the requirements of a standard in advance of a registrar audit.

Operational Audits

Performed to assess that the processes and procedures documented by your quality management system is followed as stated by the organization.

Gap Analysis Audits

Performed to gain a clear sense of what work needs to be done in order to meet requirements for a specific standard.

Supplier Audits

Conducted on suppliers, contractors, distributors and other business partners.

Desk Audits / Documentation Reviews

Performed to confirm that your documentation (processes & procedures) meets the stated  requirement for a standard.



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