Process Mapping (Remote)

Live, instructor-led, remote training that uses real-life problems to teach the practical techniques required to develop Process Maps and use Process Mapping as a tool for process analysis and improvement.

Duration: 8 Hours (2 Sessions of 4 Hours)


Course Description

Live, instructor-led remote training that provides a thorough understanding of what a process is and how to define it. Participants will learn the practical techniques required to develop Process Maps and how to use Process Mapping as a tool to analyze and continually improve processes.

Who Should Take It

Individuals or teams interested in developing specific skills to optimize their quality management system, as well as those who are responsible for the implementation or continuous improvement of their organization’s initiatives to improve the bottom line.

Course Content

  • Introduction to processes and the Process Approach.
  • Different types of process maps, their purpose, and the different symbols used.
  • Simple strategies for defining processes and creating process maps.
  • Process improvement and measurement.
  • Specific techniques for analyzing processes.
  • Envisioning the “To Be” state and identifying process performance gaps.
  • Designing the ideal process, including new goals and measurements.
  • Rationalizing change and developing a business case for process improvement.


This is an introductory course and no prerequisite training is required.

Additional information

Course Types

Problem Solving / Continual Improvement, Implementing Systems

Delivery Method



Manufacturing & Operations, Process Improvement

Open or Dedicated

Dedicated Session



Monday: 9am-5:30pm EST
Tuesday: 9am-5:30pm EST
Wednesday: 9am-5:30pm EST
Thursday: 9am-5:30pm EST
Friday: 9am-5:30pm EST
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED